Wednesday 6th May

Date: 6th May 2020 @ 1:01pm

Hello again, you lot.

Today is Wednesday, also known as 'hump day' cheeky. Hope this week is going well for you and that you're managing to keep busy and get lots of work done.

In school this week, we are learning all about VE Day, as it is the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday, which is why school isn't open. Today, we have been learning about evacuation. Maybe it would be good for you to have a look into what evacuation was, what it entailed and how it affected the lives of those children living in the war?

Now, yesterday, Mrs Hrab and I decided we were missing you all too much, so we decided to give you all a ring! I hope you all enjoyed chatting with us- we certainly enjoyed chatting with you. It was lovely speaking to you all and hearing how well you are all doing. I can't believe all of the things you're getting up to- it's amazing what lockdown can do to us! Some news we found out yesterday is that Jamie has a new dog! Jamie... where are my pictures??? frown

Please keep emailing school to tell us how you are getting on. It is lovely being able to keep in touch with you all. Hopefully we will see you very soon, but for now, don't forget to tell us what you're getting up to! Maizie... I was very surprised to hear that you've coloured your hair blue! surprise Don't forget to post on our Purple Mash blog, too. It's called Year 6 Home Learning Blog. A few of you have replied to my blog post from a few days ago, but it would be lovely for you all to post your own blogs and comment on each other's. 

Beau has been working extremely hard (again!) this week. I have had emails from him telling me all about his VE Day learning and what he has been getting up to. You might be interested to know that Beau has designed posters for his windows and doors and his family are planning on having a little party / BBQ on Friday to celebrate. 


Now, getting back to our weekly project. How are you all getting on with your gratitude journal entries? I am finding it really enjoyable, but I will be honest with you, I'm struggling with goals to set myself! Here is today's entry...


Mrs Naylor Gratitude Journal Entry - Wednesday 6th May

1. Today, I am feeling a little tired, but happy. I am also excited about celebrating VE Day at school tomorrow with our little street party.

2. I am grateful for my home as it keeps me safe and warm. I am also grateful for friends, who can always cheer me up when I need cheering up. Finally, I am grateful for the lovely weather we are having today, as it means we can spend lots of time outside enjoying the sunshine.

3. Yesterday, my goal was to go to bed nice and early and wake up feeling refreshed. I achieved this goal by going to bed earlier than usual and I did wake up feeling more energised and ready to take on the day. Today's challenge is going to be to drink as much water as possible to keep me healthy and hydrated. 


I will speak to you all tomorrow,

Bye for now!


Mrs Naylor heart 

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