Wednesday 13th May

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 10:04am

Welcome to Wednesday my wonderful little whizz kids!

I hope you are enjoying STEM project week! I wish we could be doing these activities in school together, but it is still lovely to see photographs of your projects that you are completing at home. I am so proud of how hard you are working. You make me smile even when we aren't at school! Here are some of the STEM-related photographs I have received from Logan, Beau, Georgina and Maizie. Keep them coming! 

It is lovely to hear from you all. Well done for giving these STEM challenges a go!  

Before I tell you a little about today's project, I have a message to pass on to those of you who are going to be attending St. Peter's in September. They have emailed me a lovely message and picture to share with you. Here it is!


Hi Year 6s!! We can't wait to welcome you to St Peter's in September and we are excited to share our love of maths with you! On the attached picture is all of our maths team - some you may recognise if you have older siblings or cousins etc at school. Your parents may know us too! If your parents or older siblings are on Instagram, as them to follow our maths page @stpetersmaths where you will see lots of example work, lessons modelled by teachers and photos of super star maths homeschoolers!

Hope you are all staying safe at home - I will be in touch again soon with some mathematical ways to pass the time and make your start to St Peter's a little easier!!

Stay Safe

Love Mrs Prior and the St Peter's Maths Team

As well as receiving lots of fantastic STEM photographs, I am starting to receive more photographs of other things you have been getting up to as well. I am going to attach them to the bottom of this blog so you can all see what others are getting up to- I know how much you must be missing seeing each other!

Now for today's STEM challenge: raft building! I challenge you to build a small raft (small enough to fit in your sink or bath) that can carry an object. The heavier the object it can carry, the better. To be successful at this challenge, you will have to think about the materials you use to create your raft, the properties of those materials, how you will join them together, the structure of your creation, amongst many other things. I cannot WAIT to see some finished rafts. Please send me photos of your rafts hard at work in the water with an item on top. Remember- the challenge is to build a raft that can hold the heaviest object possible without the raft sinking. Good luck! 

That's it from me for today. Keep the photos and emails coming; it is so wonderful seeing you all and finding out what you're getting up to. Don't forget to keep up with the usual other stuff, too (daily reading, times tables, exercise, etc). You're all working really hard and Mrs Hrab and I are incredibly proud.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Mrs Naylor heart


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