Spellings (alternative pronunciation of a) for Mrs McDonald’s Library Phonics Group

Date: 12th Jul 2020 @ 2:44pm

Hello Y1

Scarlett and Bobby have been busy making their own 3d lighthouses.  Bobby’s was blue and Scarlett’s was red.  Scarlett also went on a very windy trip to Hale lighthouse so she could see one in real life. Scarlett pointed out the lightening rod and the deck the lighthouse keeper used to go on to clean the glass.



Now for your spellings.  Please learn to read and spell these words that contain the alternative pronunciations of the a sound (short a, long ai and o sounds).


Rule-Alternative pronunciation of a



password         footpath       faster


acorn              angel           bacon


squash            watch           want


Please also practise spelling other simple words that contain these rules.



High Frequency Words


Please learn to read these words by sight:-


work   friends


A flashcard approach sometimes is the best way to help children to learn to read these words.


Please learn to spell:-




With Big Hugs From Mrs Duffy



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