Reception Newsletter - 17th March

Date: 17th Mar 2017 @ 11:05am


Dear Parents,

On Monday we found a turnip and some packets of seeds. We made lots of guesses about who might have left them and why. We read the story The Enormous Turnip by Ian Beck. As we read, the children acted out each part and really enjoyed this! We decided that we were going to plant our very own seeds and see if they turned into an enormous fruit or vegetable, just like the turnip. But to plant our own seed, we knew we needed some instructions. We have been writing instructions all week and then followed them to plant our own broad beans.

In maths, we have looked at ordinal numbers. The Old Man from the story asked us to help him judge a vegetable competition. He needed us to help him give out the nine rosettes; awarding the vegetables with first, second, third place and so on.

In PE we have been learning how to do some different ‘vegetable’ rolls. We practised a ‘carrot roll’ (pencil roll), a ‘turnip roll’ (egg roll) and a ‘broccoli roll’ (teddy bear roll). We performed each of our rolls for the little group we worked within.


We are working really hard to enhance and extend our indoor and outdoor environment and would really appreciate donations of any of the following things that you no longer want…

Pots, pans, metal bowls and cups, spoons, spatulas, ladles, sieves, cake trays, baking trays, metal tea pots etc. shells, pine cones, pebbles (or any natural resources similar to this), plant pots (all shapes, sizes), old fashioned scales, lengths of material e.g. old curtains, ribbons, clear plastic jars e.g. sweet jars, garden canes, tyres, wind chimes, windmills, bread crates, small cable reels, cook books, magazines, phone book, notepads, diaries, calendar, road maps, construction blueprints, yellow and black hazard tape, tape measure (sewing), cardboard boxes (medium/large).


We have now started phase 4 phonics. We are learning how to read and write CVCC words (4 sounds) e.g. hand, lift, must, milk. To help us write these words, we have practised stretching out the word first, saying it slowly to hear all the sounds and then saying each sound individually before writing. Well done everyone! New tricky words stuck into reading records.


Ask your child to put their teddies or figures in a line.  Ask your child to point to the teddy in 1st place, 5th place etc. Ask your child ‘where is the white teddy?’ and encourage them to tell you 6th place etc. Your child could make some medals with 1st, 2nd, 3rd written on them and they could give the medals out to each of their teddies. 

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Davies and Miss Parr

St Mary's Birchley Catholic Primary School

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Lancashire WN5 7QJ

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SENDCO Contact: Mrs Andrea Hymers

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