Home Learning Week 4 -Tuesday

Date: 28th Apr 2020 @ 9:11am

Note to parents - A new Speed Sounds lesson is available at 10.00 am, Monday to Friday.

Children can also watch Set 2 Spelling at 10.15 am.

Each lesson is ten to fifteen minutes long and available for 24 hours.

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson. Once the whole set has been shown, we will replay one lesson a day.

Click here for our YouTube Speed Sounds Lessons Schedule:

For more information visit https://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/

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Good Morning Reception smiley

How are you feeling today?

Have you been outside yet? What is the weather like today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUSbazn3STo

Can you sing this weather song with your family?

Special Sound Of The Day


Rosie and Fred are back again today. With the 'OO' sound. Click on the link to join them and get practising reading and spelling the 'OO' sound.

Some of you may already feel really confident with the 'oo' sound. Rosie and Fred are also practising the 'ear' sound. If you like you can practise reading and spelling 'ear'.



Can you practise recognising and witing the number 15? Can you count out 15 objects? Can you split them into one group of 10 and one group of 5? (15 is 10 and 5).

Today I have a special dinosaur maths activity. Can you jump like a dinosaur? Go on, have a go! Ask your family to jump like a dinosaur too.

You all need to start at the the same starting line. Take it in turns to jump like a dinosaur. What type of dinosaur are you going to be?  Who can jump the furthest? Who is near to the start line? Who has jumped far away from the start line? Who has jumped the shortest distance? Can you compare how far you and your family can jump? I would love to see a photograph of you all jumping like dinosaurs smiley

 (Note to grown ups - Use language such as Furthest,further,near,far,shortest. Also compare how far you have jumped)

Dinosaur Time

How are you all getting along with your nest? Yesterday, I told you that my favourite dinosaur is a diplodocus. Do you have a favourite dinosaur? Maybe, you could draw a picture, write a sentence or create a model of your favourite dinosaur.  Can you remember Andy, the man who goes on dinosaur adventures? Andy has found a diplodocus, how exciting! Follow this link to watch a dinosaur adventure.You will learn all about a diplodocus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpjc3BvhKTM

Remember to spend lots of time having fun with your family and spend some time outside in the fresh air.

Have a lovely day, I will write to you all tomorrow.

Take care heart

Mrs Amor x


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