Friday 22nd May

Date: 21st May 2020 @ 9:14pm

Good morning Year 4!

It’s Friday! It is also the last day where I will be setting work before the two week break! This means you have one last day to work as hard as you have been all week before a very well earned rest.

Today is the final day that I will be bombarding you with information about rivers – I am sure you are all very sad to hear that! I have one last website for you all to look it.

This website is run by the Canals and Rivers Trust and has a whole home learning page dedicated to rivers. Have a look at the All About Rivers page to deepen your knowledge about rivers and then look at the Unravelling Rivers to see what you can remember. The questions could be answered in your book or you could discuss them with someone at home.

After you have read these two pages you can explore the website. It has lots of other activities that you might want to try. The Make and Play page on the website has lots of games, crafts and outdoor activities that you might want to try.

As it is Friday, today’s Bitesize maths lesson is all about challenging yourself and testing your problem solving skills. If you would like to practise your fraction problem solving skills I have attached some chilli challenge cards to this blog. They cover the fraction topics you have looked at this week and some extra fraction topics that we covered in class for an extra challenge. There are three sets of challenge cards and they increase in difficulty. Set 1 are the Nice and Spicy Cards, these are a little challenging and are good for extra practise. Set 2 are the It’s Getting Hot Cards, these are more challenging and will make you think a little bit more. Set 3 are the Burning Up Cards which are the trickiest problems in the pack. Pick the level that you think is right for you and if you find it too easy you can always try the next level up!

The English lesson today is a reading lesson You're A Bad Man, Mr Gum by Andy Stanton. The lesson focuses on how to explain what words mean, identifying how the author creates humour and writing in the style of the author. I have given you lots of reading this week linked to your river work including reading the All About Rivers page of the Canals and Rivers Trust website today. If you would like something different to do today, have a look at page 3 in your booklet. Try the spelling activity linked to using suffixes. Can you remember what a suffix is? A suffix is a group of letters that is added to the end of a root word, changing its meaning. For example, small – smaller.

If you would like to keep listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone over half term keep an eye on this website to see when new chapters are uploaded. Chapters one to six are still available for anyone who hasn’t listened yet but would like to.

I would like to say a huge well done to all of you for the hard work and effort you have put into all of the tasks that you have been set while working at home. The pictures and work that have been sent into school have been amazing and I am so impressed by how many of you are completing work set on Purple Mash. I am also really pleased to see how your times tables speeds have been steadily improving. I am really proud of all of you! Enjoy your well earned half term break, stay safe and have fun!

I will talk to you again on the 8th June!

Miss Gradwell

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