Thursday 14th May Blog Week 6

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 4:52pm

Good morning, Year 5!

I hope you are all up bright and early today.

I thought I’d post earlier today seeing as it was so late yesterday.

I have a virtual yoga class this morning, then a virtual meeting with Mrs Talbot-Davies and Mrs Ryan 😊 all whilst marking your Purple Mash work and checking your blogs of course!

Does anybody else have anything exciting going on today?

I wonder if any of you tried out any of the exercise videos I shared in yesterday’s blog?


Work today:

Anyway, I have a few things to share with you today that you can have a go at when you are ready to.


Here are some videos for you to watch about traditions in Brazil. A tradition is something that is celebrated/practiced and passed on through culture from generation to generation.

One clip is about Capoeira (a traditional Brazilian ‘fight’ which is hidden in a dance), the next is about Samba Drumming and the third is about Brazilian Carnival Costumes.

Scroll to the bottom and watch ONE of the 3 clips.

Here is another video/ bit of information for you to watch if you would like to write something more general about Rio de Janeiro, or Carnivals:


When you have watched/chosen one, you are going to write a little bit of information about the clip that you chose, on the 2do I have set you on Purple Mash called ‘2do: A Brazil Tradition’



Maths Challenge:

Below is a money challenge:


There are some questions on there for you to have a go at, but maybe you could make some of your own up, too?

You could try and work out how much your families’ names are worth, or how much your pet name is worth.

For an extra challenge, you could even work out the difference between how much your name is worth, and how much you sibling or best friend’s name is worth (find the change).

For example, one of my dogs is called Radley, of course, so

R= £1



L= £2


Y= 5p

So in total, he is worth £3.36

Dora is worth £1.21 so the difference is £3.36 - £1.21 =


- 1.21



You just need to remember your place value with decimals, and you will sail through it!

Let’s see your favourite ones on your blogs! 😊


So you have some topic/literacy work and some maths to do as well.

I know you probably still have lots to do from other days, so there’s no rush! Remember BBC Bitesize still have lessons if you need more!

I’m still missing you all, lots!

Write to you all tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day 😊

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