Sunflowers, statistics and cinemas!

Date: 24th May 2017 @ 10:01am

This week in Year 3...



In literacy this week, we have been having lots of fun designing our very own mansions, just like Joe Spud in 'Billionaire Boy'. We drew a diagram of our mansions and labelled the exciting things we wanted to put inside them. Then, we wrote about our marvellous mansions using all of the features we have been taught in Year 3.  Miss Barnes would love to live in some of our mansions, which have amazing features like an ice -cream parlour, a home cinema, giant waterslides and even an animal room!


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In maths lessons this week, we are concentrating on interpreting data and presenting that data in pictograms, tables and bar charts. We completed class surveys to find out people's birthdays, favourite colours and favourite sports, then we presented this data on a bar chart in our books. Below you will find a photograph of our class birthdays collated in a bar chart.

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In science this week, we have started our new topic, which is all about plants and growth. We completed our pre-learning task to see how much we already knew about plants. This will help Miss Barnes to plan lessons which will build on our prior knowledge. We dissected a plant (which was really fun, but very messy!) and talked about the different parts of the plant and their functions. 

Did you know that the roots not only soak up water and nutrients from the soil, but they also anchor the plant into the ground?

We were interested to find out that the stem's job is to hold the plant upright and act as a carrier, to transport the water and nutrients from the roots to the rest of the plant.

Also, we found out that the leaves are very important on a plant because they turn sunlight and carbon dioxide into food to keep the plant healthy. 

Finally, the flower of a plant is bright to attract insects. Bees travel from flower to flower and during this process, they deposit pollen onto the flowers. This pollen is used by the plant to produce seeds, which then make new plants.

As well as dissecting plants and getting dirty hands, we became green - fingered and planted our very own sunflower seeds. Miss Barnes told us that we were going to have a competition to see whose sunflower grows the tallest. Keep checking the website for regular seed updates!

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In history, we have been really excited to learn all about Ancient Greece. So far, we have discovered that the Greeks were the first to introduce the concept of democracy. This is something we have taken from the Greeks. Also, we found out that the Olympic Games go all the way back to 776BC, in Ancient Greece. The events were slightly different to ours today, but some of the original sports - like javelin, discus and long jump- are still competed in today. 

The girls were feeling outraged last Friday, as they discovered that not only were women not allowed to vote, but they weren't allowed to compete in, or even watch, the Olympics!

After learning all about the Olympic games, we chose an event and drew this on a vase template. We know so much about Ancient Greece and the Olympics because of the vases that were made and sold around this time. 

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