About Us

School Aims

Mission Statement

St. Mary's School
is a safe and happy place,
where we follow Jesus by
living, loving, learning
and working together.

Our school family aims to understand and follow the example set by Jesus.
We will achieve this by:
° Using the Archdiocesan syllabus to underpin all school policies and practices. 
° Developing self respect and respect of others.
° Setting good examples of positive behaviour.
° Encouraging and rewarding honesty and integrity.
° Listening to each other.
° Enabling all to contribute.
° Enabling all to recognise their actions and resulting consequences.
° Providing quality opportunities for silent prayer and/or reflection.
° Facilitating opportunities for helping others.

Our school family aims to fully develop the potential of everyone within our school community.
We will achieve this by:
° Providing a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, accessible by all.
° Having rigorous and robust assessment procedures which drive teaching and learning.
° Seeking enrichment opportunities.
° Celebrating success and achievement at every level.

Our school family aims to work together with our families and parish to be an integral part of the wider community.
We will achieve this by:
° Actively seeking out opportunities to promote the school as part of the wider community.
° Actively seeking out opportunities to enrich the local and wider community
° By encouraging links with the parish and families
° Involving local community in school/parish events.
° Making effective use of visitors to enhance the children's learning.
° Developing means of communication e.g. newsletters, reports, parent evenings and websites.

We used our Mission Statement to create a simple motto 'Being The Best We Can Be' for us all to follow and that everything we do will be based on the following core values:-



Mrs Andrea Hymers  -  Head Teacher

Mr W Leatherbarrow  -  LA Governor  -  Chair of Governing Body

Mrs M Snowdon  -  Foundation Governor  -  Vice Chair of Governing Body

Fr B Jackson - Foundation Governor

Mrs J Dwyer - Foundation Governor

Mr A McDonald  -  Foundation Governor

Mr A Mooij  -  Foundation Governor

Mrs E McBirnie  -  Foundation Governor

Mrs C Parker  -  Foundation Governor

Mrs B Hrabowenskyj - Staff Governor

Mrs M Lawley - Parent Governor

Associate Governors

Mrs J Talbot-Davies - Deputy Headteacher 

St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Birchley Road, Billinge, Nr Wigan,

Lancashire WN5 7QJ

Main Contact: Mrs Janet Ollerton

Tel: 01744 678610

Email: stmaryrcbp@sthelens.org.uk