Wednesday 29th April

Date: 29th Apr 2020 @ 8:02am

Good morning Year 4!

Can you believe it’s Wednesday already? We’re half way through the week!

I hope you all had a good day yesterday and managed to spend some time outside even though it was less sunny than it has been.

I have attached the answers to yesterday’s Maths and English activities to this blog so that you can mark them and see how well you have done.

Today I have attached a comprehension all about the water cycle for you to try in your exercise books. There are 3 different versions of the text and questions. If you are in Monday or Tuesday's guided reading group then try the first version, if you are in Wednesday's reading group try the second version and if you are in Thursday or Friday's reading group (or you like a challenge) try the third version.

I have also attached a water cycle labelling activity. Rather than printing this activity off, why don’t you draw your own version of the water cycle in your books and add labels to it. I will then post the answers tomorrow so you can check that all of your labels are in the right place. If you do draw your own water cycle I would love to see it – remember you can email pictures to

Today’s BBC Bitesize Maths lesson is all about efficient addition and subtraction methods. This means looking at choosing the best method for the question you have been asked. The English lesson is looking at using apostrophes to show possession. Finally, there is a Science lesson today all about states of matter. Do you remember when we went into the hall and pretended to be solid, liquid and gas particles? This topic is all about that – the differences between a solid, liquid and gas. This is a topic that we would have looked at in a lot more detail if we were in school and it links closely to the water cycle. I have attached an information mat to this blog for you to read if you are interested.

If you are finding the addition and subtraction from BBC Bitesize quite straightforward (I know we have done a lot in school) you could always look at the White Rose Maths daily lessons ( This week there is a lesson on rounding decimals, one on finding halves and quarters and then 2 lessons all about money which might be really useful.

Keep working hard and keep up your reading. Have you all chosen a new book on Serial Mash this week? Post on the class blog on Purple Mash if you have read a book that you think others would also enjoy.

A huge well done to the following people who have already completed this week’s challenges on Times Tables Rock Stars – Joshua C, Iris, Jacob BP, Henry, Emily, Oliver, Deacon, Bronagh, Kiera L and Ava. Keep up the fantastic work!

Stay safe, have fun and stay active too!

I will post again tomorrow,

Miss Gradwell

P.S. If you haven’t already, take a look at the blogs Mrs Naylor has posted about the Step into the NHS project.

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