Wednesday 1st July

Date: 1st Jul 2020 @ 8:51am

Good Morning, Year 6 and Happy July!

I can't believe how quickly the time is passing. I hope you are all well and are looking forward to coming back to school on the 13th. It will be lovely to see you!


Yesterday, I set you a writing task based on the film 'Pigeon Impossible' from the Literacy Shed. Did anyone have a go at it? We did in school and had lots of fun writing in a genre of our choosing about the film. Here is an extract of Myla's writing about the film...


Dear Diary,

I was in my nest up high in a tree and a pesky hooman disturbed my slumber by walking into my beautiful tree. Since I was already up, I thought I might as well look for my breakfast. 

As if my day couldn't get any worse, the man who hit my tree sat on my FAVOURITE bench and started eating a bagel! I gracefully flew down to tell him off, but instead of leaving, he just threw a bit of his bagel at me. How rude! 

I started flapping him. Eventually, he let go of the bagel and it landed near his (very unfashionable) computer case. I quickly flew down to get it, but ended up locked inside!


Today's BBC Bitesize:

Maths - using scale factors

Literacy - understanding the register used in brochures and adverts

Science - Evolution (you might know a bit about this already if you've been completing the tasks I've been setting for you). 


Shout outs-

Today's shout outs go to Beau and Maizie. At the bottom of the blog, you will see the pictures of the work they have completed. Beau has been researching into the Maya Civilisation and drew a picture he found of a Mayan temple. Maizie has been working her way through the list of tasks I set on Monday, too, by producing some land art and doing some printing with leaves. Well done, guys! If anyone else would like to send in some work that they have done, please email our school email address and it will be passed on to me. 


I will love you and leave you for today. Hope you have a great day (and let's hope the weather is a little better than yesterday!)


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