Tuesday 5th May Blog Week 5

Date: 4th May 2020 @ 1:21pm

Hello everyone!

It’s Tuesday, and today is officially:


‘World Asthma Day’- where people try to raise awareness of asthma around the world.


A little birdie also told me that this week is ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’. I think we get enough appreciation from you all, though 😊


It is also ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (5th of May), which is celebrated in many countries, but Mexico mainly. Here is some more information about it if you are interested:


There is also a PowerPoint Presentation at the bottom of the page!

Here are some craft activities you could do, as well:





So children, as part of our Science topic this half term, we would have been learning about Materials and their Properties.

  1. I have set a 2DO first of all, called ‘Transparent and Opaque’- you will watch a short video, then explain in your own words and pictures, what they mean.


  1. I thought it would be a cool idea to give you an experiment at home to try out (with permission, of course).

On Purple Mash, I have also set a 2do called ‘Fair Test’.

Once you have read the information below, you will need to fill this in first.

My example:


‘Which solids dissolve in water?’


  • When a substance dissolves in water, you cant see it anymore, its still there, but has mixed with the water to make a transparent liquid called a solution.
  • We call substances that dissolve in water, soluble.
  • Substances that do not dissolve in water are called insoluble.


For this experiment, you will need:

  • Transparent (see-through) containers – beakers, cups etc.
  • Water
  • Different substances to try and dissolve (small amounts), such as sugar, flour, coffee, salt, pepper, sand.
  • Spoon
  • Possibly a timer
  • Measuring jug



Add a spoonful of each of the substances to different glasses of water, and observe what happens.


You could try this with cold water, and then repeat the whole experiment with warm water (not boiled or hot), to see if there is any difference.


The main point of this experiment though, is that it is a FAIR TEST. How can we achieve this?

What do we need to keep the same (control variable)?

What will we change (independent variable)?

What will we measure (dependent variable)?


Remember, fill in the Purple Mash Activity first- think carefully and take your time.


Then can you create a table to record your findings?

Finally, have a go at the experiment- take pictures and make sure you record your findings.



There are still some amazing blogs being posted every day!

One thing I am very pleased with though is your lovely comments about each other’s posts and work. Keep up the positivity children, it is lovely to see!


HUGE SHOUT OUT to Elisha, who has sent me this lovely photo this morning via email:


Elisha won this medal for doing 3 dance classes in a  row! How amazing is that? The money from the medal will be going to NHS Charities. Well done, Elisha! :)


Also, look at this fab VE Day poster Dylan has made! I can tell you are so passionate about VE Day Dylan, which is so refreshing to see. Well done! 

Work today:

If you manage to find time between Science (or if you are leaving Science to another day), here is what you could do:


  1. Serial Mash book – read a chapter and complete a chapter summary (posted on yesterday’s blog). If you are reading one of your own books, why not complete one for that and blog about it?

-Maths: Long Multiplication

-English: Prepositions in Setting Descriptions

-Topic: Trade and Economic Activity



Finally, think of something you are

  1. Grateful for today
  2. Going to achieve today e.g. saying something nice to somebody, or smashing your target on Rockstars.


Maybe write it down, or type it onto a document, and save it to add to each day.

You might want to write it on a blog instead to share with everyone!?



Don’t forget to do some exercise and get out of the house for your allocated time, too!


Just think, every day we are one step closer to being back with the people we care about the most!

Keep up the great work children. I miss you all terribly, but I am very proud of the little people you are and the things you are achieving every day! Every one of you.


Until tomorrow,


Miss Davies 😊

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