Tuesday 30th June

Date: 30th Jun 2020 @ 8:09am

Good Morning Year 4!

Another day of work is here! Did anyone learn anything interesting about the ancient Mayas yesterday? I didn’t know that the ancient Mayas knew so much about the weather and the stars!

I have had some lovely emails from Ava and Florence. Ava has completed a fantastic piece of artwork all about herself and Florence is keen to stay active so has created a fitness time table for the week. Have a look at their work at the bottom of this blog.

Hopefully you have all read a few more pages of Roman Rescue. How many of you read before you go to bed? If you don’t, this is a brilliant way to relax before you go to sleep.

Today’s BBC Bitesize English lesson is looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. Can you remember how they are different?

  • Fiction – Fiction is made up, you need to use your imagination when you are writing it. Types of fiction include plays, stories and poems.
  • Non-fiction –A non-fiction book is about facts. You can't just make it up. There are many different types of non-fiction writing, such as newspapers, adverts, brochures, reference books and biographies.

I have attached a PowerPoint and a sorting activity for you to try.

Maths today is looking at comparison, sum and difference problems. This means that you will be using graphs to solve addition and subtraction problems. We have looked at this in class, so hopefully you will remember how to complete these activities. I have attached a PowerPoint and worksheet for you to complete. I have also attached the answers so you can check your work.

The final lesson today is a geography lesson looking at the world’s oceans. There are 5 oceans, can you name any of them? They are:

  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Indian Ocean
  • Southern Ocean

I have attached a PowerPoint and a reading comprehension that will give you lots of information about these oceans. I have also attached a labelling activity.

If you are in Monday or Tuesday’s reading group try the 1 star activity, if you are in Wednesday’s reading group try the 2 star activity and if you are in Thursday or Friday’s reading group or would like a challenge try the 3 star activity.

Keep reading, practising your times tables and try to do some exercise too.

I will talk to you again tomorrow,

Miss Gradwell

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