Super Duper Scientists!

Date: 26th Jan 2020 @ 2:00pm

Hi everyone!

We have been very busy in Year 2 doing lots of Science as part of our ‘Once Upon a Time’ topic. This week, we did 2 different experiments...

The first was an investigation to find out whether wool or foam was better at keeping the 3 little pig’s houses nice and warm. Our question was: 'Which material is the better thermal insulator, wool or foam?' We found out that a 'thermal insulator' is a material that prevents heat from moving from one place to another.

We planned the experiment carefully using our Discovery Dog planning frame and thought about ways to ensure a fair test. We decided to keep the size of the materials the same, to use identical houses and the same set of thermometers to check the temperature and to keep the houses in the same room. We then made some predictions in our talking partners.

We checked the temperatures of the houses every 5 minutes and recorded our findings in a table. We found out that wool was the better thermal insulator. Mrs Ryan was so impressed with how well everybody participated in the experiment. Afterwards, we went up to the cyber lab where we created bar charts to show our results.

Not content with just one science experiment, we then did another one to find out the effect that exercise has on the human body. We did this after reading ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’ and thinking about the different things that Jack needs to do in order to stay healthy and strong.  

For this experiment Mrs Ryan timed the children doing different exercises for one minute at a time. The children had to record how their bodies felt after each exercise. Some of the observations included feeling hot, sweaty, heart racing and feeling thirsty.

It’s fair to say that by the end of the day we were all ready for a rest!

We still have some more Science work coming up (growing bean plants) and we are very excited to be making our own vegetable soup for Jack in a few weeks!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Ryan & The Year 2 Team smiley


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