Spellings (Split Digraph u-e) for Mrs Mc Donald’s Library Phonics Group

Date: 9th May 2020 @ 5:42pm

Hello Everyone smiley

Hope you and your families are safe and healthy and you all had a lovely long weekend.

First, I want to give another big shout out to Ewan, who has not only been learning about simple circuits but circuits in series and circuits in parallel as wellyes!  By the time this lockdown is over, he will be able to come round to the Duffy household to do a bit of rewiringenlightened!

Before I let you know your spellings for this week, I just wanted to check with you that this font (Comic Sans) is clear enough for you all to readcool, especially if you read it on your mum's mobile phone.  The only other font I use on the blogs is Sassoon Infant.  Both of these fonts are used in class as they are simple and clear. Should either Comic Sans or Sassoon Infant appear difficult to readcool on the blogs then please just let the office know and I will stop using them.


Now for this week’s spellings.  Please learn to read and spell these words that contain the split digraph u-e rule. 

Please find the words that Mrs Mc Donald’s library phonics group need to learn below:


Rule u-e (pronounced oo and you)

Please note the u-e split digraph can make 2 different sounds. 

It can make the long oo sound and a letter squashes in between to make the sound after the split digraph.

It can make the sound like the word ‘you’ and a letter squashes in between to make the sound after the split digraph.


(oo)                          (you)

rule                          cube

June                         use

rude                         tube

prune                        computer

flute                         refuse


Please also practise spelling other simple words that contain these rules.


With Big Hugs From Mrs Duffyheart

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