Shakespeare Week in Year 5!

Date: 21st Mar 2021 @ 6:59pm

Shakespeare Week in Y5!

Hello again, everyone!

Just a quick update on the week we've had in Year 5.

This week, we celebrated 'Shakespeare Week' and it is safe to say that the children LOVED it!

Here is what we did:

- We read 'children's versions' of Shakespeare's plays (some people read all 16!)

-We watched an animation of 'The Tempest' on BBC Radio.

-We completed a setting/ atmosphere description of the 'storm' at the beginning of the story.

-We learned about Shakespeare's life and researched more about his family.

-We watched the animated version of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

-We learned some of the words William Shakespeare invented, including 'swagger' and 'elbow'.

-We completed some quizzes and watched some 'short' animations of his plays.

-Some people were even inspired to do more research at home!

Overall, the children blew me away with their interest and enthusiasm. Many of them have now found a love of reading for pleasure again and can't put the story books down!

Take a look at some pictures below!








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