Money , Money ,Money.

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 11:36pm

Hello Y1smiley.

Up until now, you have all been very busy home schooling and this week has been no different.  Here is just a selection of what some of you have been getting up to:-

Tilly’s Blackpool Tower looks fabulous and she looks very proud of it.  Mrs Duffy is also very proud of you, Tilly

Bobby has been getting very creative too; making his own 3d Blackpool Tower and his own seaside collage.  Well done Bobby!  I can see as soon as this lockdown is over there will be lots of Y1children begging their grown-ups to take them to Blackpool.

Oliver sent in some lovely photographs of him and his little brother.  They have been getting up to all sorts of adventures from going on 15 km (!) bike rides and mini-beast hunts, making their own McDonalds, Pizza Hut, shop and bank and learning about the solar system.  You will be an expert when you learn about the planets in the juniors, Oliver!

Scarlett has been busy again, making a seaside collage and researching some super facts about Blackpool so that she could make her non chronological report about Blackpool.  Well done Scarlett!


Also a big well done to these children who have completed the most work on their ‘My Cities’ on so far:-

Jessica, Alfie Ba, Scarlett, Bobby and Lucasyes

These children also deserve a mention for a very good effort on the maths activities in their ‘My Cities’;-

Stanley, Harry, Maddison and Samyes

Let’s see if next time we have some different names to share!


This week in school we have been learning all about money, recognising the different coins and notes and making some exact amounts.  We made a shop and a bank in the covered area, complete with banners, price lists, produce to buy, ‘How to Stay Safe When Shopping’ posters, social distancing markers and arrows, receipts, shopping lists and cheques from the bank.  We had a great time playing with Reception and Y2 and taking turns to be the bank manager, shop workers and customers.  Even the juniors wanted to have a little play!


If some of you have made your own shops and banks at home then it would be lovely to see any photographs of you playing in them. 

Grown–ups, if you could show the children some real coins and notes and discuss their values with them (E.g. How many pennies are worth the same as a10p? Would you rather have 2p or 1 pound? Why?  Put the coins and notes in order, etc.)  Once, the children recognise the coins and know the values of them, get them to make exact amounts of money starting with 3p and progressing, as and when they are able to. 


To continue with this theme, I have added some new money activities to your ‘My Cities’ for you to have a go at.


If you haven’t had a go at accessing your, ‘My City’ on Education City yet, then here are the instructions of how to access it:-

When you received your packs, it contained your Education City username and password.  

•        Log on to Education City using your username and password and don’t forget to input the country- England!

•        On the Home Page, click on the green homework icon

•        Click on the homework (not classwork) tab

•        Click on the Year 1 maths group that is your group in class (each folder will only record data for the names of the children that are in that group in class)

•        Choose from the learning screens and activities that are in your folder

•        Complete activity

•        The program will show you (and me!) your scores and corrections

•        See if you can beat your previous score


Good luck with counting your coins!

Big hugs Mrs Dheart x

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