Monday 5th July

Date: 1st Jul 2021 @ 9:58pm

Hello children!

Are you enjoying the games we're sending? We hope so!


This week we would like you to get comfy, snuggle up and enjoy a story with your grown up. 

Parents/carers: Can you share a story with your child. It could be their favourite or one they've never listened to. After reading, can you ask your child some questions about the story e.g. How did the character feel when...? Have you ever felt that way? Why do you think the character did...? What happened after that? How did they fix the problem? 


We are challenging you to become a robot! Can you follow instructions like a robot?

Parents/carers: Please could you give your child some simple instructions to follow. If they are confident following simple instructions, try some that contain two parts e.g. Get the ball from under the table and put it on the chair. Get the cup and put it in the sink. Jump three times and spin around. Clap your hands then kick the ball. 


Talking Time! Can you chat to your grown up about something you like to do or somewhere you like to go?

Parents/carers: Please could you encourgae your child to share their thoughts about an interest of theirs. Please model and encourage them to listen and respond and hold a two-way conversation. 


Write to us or send us photos to let us know how you got on! ( 

From, Miss Davies and Mrs Taylor. 

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