Monday 15th June Blog

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 2:46pm


to another week of home learning 😊


I hope you all have a marvellous weekend!

Did anybody do anything they would like to share?


Work time!



This week’s topic task is to research ‘Glass’ and how it is made.

As you all know, we would have been learning all about Pilkington Glass and going to ‘The World of Glass’ in St Helens to discover why the town was so important for glassmaking across the world.

You could create a section in your project entitled ‘Glass in St Helens’, or ‘Glorious Glass’, or anything else you may think of.

Here are some websites for you to have a look at: or  -‘How glass is made’ video

Remember, children- try hard not to just ‘copy and paste’ information if you are doing your research/ project on the computer, as sometimes we don’t remember the information doing it this way.


  • Also, for the coming weeks, here is a website with a history timeline of St Helens, dating back to 1552 !

You could create your own historical timeline with pictures! You don’t need to include EVERY date.


  • More information about St Helens is on this website, if you want to continue finding more out for your projects:,in%20the%20rapidly%20growing%20town.



This week, it is ‘National Refugee Week’, so I have attached a Reading Comprehension for you to have a go at which is all about Refugees.



As you may already know, if we were in school right now we would be looking at ‘Measurement’.

Here are some videos and websites that may help you with your maths this week-

There is also a PowerPoint Presentation at the bottom (with answers) for you to have a look at, as well as some posters with the imperial and metric conversions on (how to calculate converting from one to the other).


Have a go at the activities and get your head around the teaching parts first.


Then, I have attached a ‘Y5 Maths Measures’ activity booklet for you to look at/have a go at.


(Note for Parents- the imperial-metric conversions only make up a part of any SATS papers, so although they are important to learn, there will probably only ever be 1 or 2 questions for them to answer- don’t worry if the children find them too difficult.  Metric-metric conversions, however, are more of a focus.)


Don’t worry children. Work your way through this but take your time! I will be setting more work this week but it doesn’t matter if some of it doesn’t get done because you have focused on other work.


The final thing I have attached at the bottom of the page for you is a ‘Fun Fitness Bingo’ activity.

There are instructions, too, but the main idea is for you to choose a different workout at different times of the day, and challenge yourself to complete them- so see if you can do 5 in a day, then 10 and so on…

If you can print them off, why not cut them out and mix them up- choosing one at random and seeing how many you can do.

You should do each activity for at least 20 -30 seconds. Maybe your challenge could be to build this amount of time up each day, to a minute for each one?


Last, but not least!

Here is some lovely, relaxing music to either work to, or spend some time at the end of the day listening to and watching.



Write to you all tomorrow!

Stay safe 😊

Miss Davies


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