Love, learning about legends, latitude and longitude (and a little bit of gore for good measure!)

Date: 18th Sep 2019 @ 2:50pm

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Come and See - 'Loving'

We are in week 2 of the Reveal part of our topic and we are still learning a lot about God and His unconditional love for us. This week, we have been looking at The Beatitudes (also known as The Sermon on the Mount) and what they mean to us as Christians. We talked about how they are attitudes we can be, so some children had a go at writing their own Be-Attitudes. They came up with some fabulous ideas!

"Blessed are those who are loving to others because they listen to God's word."

- Ava S

"Blessed are those who are kind because God will help them."

- Logan

Some children looked at The Beatitudes and completed a different activity. They thought about how they could live out the teachings at home, at school and in the wider world. They, too, came up with some excellent ideas:

Line from the scripture: Blessed are those who are merciful.

How I can live out the scripture at home: If me and my sister fall out, I will forgive her.

How I can live out the scripture at school: Try and be kind to everyone, including the people who might not do the same to me.

How I can live out the scripture in the wider world: Congratulate someone if they do something good.

- James


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In our literacy lessons, we have been learning about biographies. A biography is a written account of someone's life (usually someone famous- you wouldn't want to read a biography about Nigel who lives down the road now, would you?) In our first lesson on biographies, we read Tom Daley's biography and we unpicked it, looking for specific features. Some of the features of a biography include being written in the past tense; use of a question of interesting opening statement to hook the reader in; writing is ordered chronologically; use of dates to recall important events; the use of subheadings to separate different sections (sometimes- not always) and the use of third person pronouns such as he, she, his, hers and theirs. 

So far, we've looked at Tom Daley's biography (which was interesting) and Usain Bolt's biography, which was very inspiring and gave us a really good insight into the kind of person he is. We took important dates out of Bolt's biography and plotted them chronologically on a timeline: some of us then had a go at writing our own interesting opening statement to introduce his biography and hook the reader in (we need to work on this! It was a bit of a snooze-fest!)


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As part of our new topic, 'Identity', we are learning all about our position in the world. To begin with, we talked about how the earth has invisible lines all around it, which help us to pinpoint exact locations. We discussed how the line around the middle of the earth is known as the equator, and countries closest to this line are the hottest as they are closest to the Sun. 

Other lines around the earth include lines of longitude (lines that go from the top to the bottom) and lines of latitude (lines that go across the world). Each of these lines has their own place- measured in degrees- and this is how we get co-ordinates. We use co-ordinates to locate a specific place on the world map (together, as a class, we located Canberra, Australia and Edinburgh, Scotland using just their co-ordinates!)

As well as this, we talked about time zones, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and how Greenwich Mean Time exists because the 0 degree line of longitude cuts right through Greenwich in England. As you can see, we really have learned a lot!


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In our science lessons, we have started a new topic, 'Animals Including Humans'. Our first lesson was really interesting (and pretty gross to some of us!) as we learned all about the human heart. We managed to label the parts of the heart and even saw a photograph of an actual heart. Not a pretty sight! 

In future lessons, we will look at other parts of our body and how we transport nutrients around our body.


All this in a week! I'm exhausted just typing it! As I'm sure you will agree, our Year 6 children are working extremely hard in all subjects and are learning a lot every single day. Keep an eye out for future blogs to see what we have been up to!



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