Home Learning Week 6 Tuesday

Date: 11th May 2020 @ 5:17pm

Morning Year 3.

How are you all today? I hope that you are well and that you are staying safe and healthy. It feels like ages since I last saw you all and I am missing our 'normal' school life. I know that some of you are missing school too sad

It has been a long time to have been working at home and I know that some of you may be getting a little fed up, but it is really important that you keep completing some - if not all - of the daily tasks. The more you do - the easier you will find life in Year 4. smiley

Bitesize Daily Learning:

Maths: This lesson will be really useful. It teaches you how to multiply TUxU using both mental and formal written methods. We started to learn how to use column methods to multiply just before school closed and many of you found this really difficult. Why not refresh your memories by watching the teaching video and then ask your adult to write you a few calculations down to solve in your home learning book. 

English: Today is diary writing. You are challenged to write a diary entry based on a popular story. 

Geography: You will be challenged to develop your map skills further in this lesson, as you are introduced to the imaginary lines that divide our world up - in order to help people locate places.


It feels like ages since we have completed any art activities together, so I am going to set you a task to complete over the next couple of weeks. Remember Antony Gormley and his fantastic sculptures that we had started to explore - well this task is based on Gormley's work. If we had been in school, our art lessons would have been spent making our own sculptures in the style of Gormley. So, your task is to create your own sculpture that you can take a photograph of and send in to school to share with us all on our blog. You can also bring your own sculpture into school when we return. Be creative! You could use cardboard boxes; things from the garden or thin wire or newspaper covered in wallpaper paste or glue mixed with water (to make papier mache) that will make your sculpture set hard. To remind you about Gormley's work, I have attached the PowerPoint that we used in class. It would be lovely if everyone had a go. 

2Do - A big well done to Jacob B, Harrison, Liam, Kaitlyn and Max who have all completed this week's 2Do. I really enjoyed reading your emails children. It sounded like you all had a great VE Day. I can't wait to read the rest of your emails Y3, so get writing smiley


Some of you have finished the booklets in your home learning pack, so I have attached another booklet to the blog today. It contains a mixture of activities. You don't need to print them off - you could just write your answers in your home learning book. I have also attached an answer booklet and guidance notes for your parents to use. I will attach a new booklet every week for those of you who need it. 

Finally - this is Max's Stonehenge model that he designed in his garden - he decided to make a real life model rather than using the template. Well done Max.

Image preview

Finally, Finally a BIG THANK YOU to HARRIET who sent me a lovely home made present and card into school. It was really thoughtful of you Harriet. I will hang it up in my room. Thank you so much. heart

Take care everyone. Speak to you tomorrow.

Mrs H heart

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