Friday 15th May

Date: 15th May 2020 @ 10:28am

Fantastic Friday has arrived, folks! 

Are we ready for a weekend? A lie-in? Some relaxation and chill time? Me too! Before we get to that, I have one final STEM challenge for you. I know how much you have enjoyed these challenges and I must say, I have been so impressed at how well you have tackled them. 

Before I tell you a little about today's final challenge, I wanted to share some brilliant photographs with you. These are all photographs I have received this morning and they really made me smile. You lot are keeping me happy through this lockdown- I love how enthusiastic you all are and how hard-working you have been. You really are a credit to your parents (who are also doing a great job of home-schooling you- remember to thank them!) Here are some super paper chains!

Well done, everyone. They are very impressive paper chains. It's amazing what you can do with a piece of A4 paper, some scissors and some sellotape! 

Your final challenge is one that requires lots of creativity and practical skills. You are going to create a wind-powered car! I have put a picture below so you can see an example of what your car could look like, but the possibilities are endless! You can design your car however you'd like. It basically needs to look like a car with a sail (or a boat on wheels!) You can use a fan to try to make it move, or you can take it outside and let the wind move your creation. Either way, I am really looking forward to seeing your finished designs and finding out if they moved. 

Build a Wind-Powered Car | STEM Activity

A special shout out for today is going to go to Isobel. She has produced a slideshow all about quarantine and what it means (we are having a little trouble getting it to download, but if we manage it, I will publish it on one of our future blogs). Well done, Isobel. It always makes me proud to know that there are children who are willing to go the extra mile and complete extra work. Over the last few weeks of home-schooling, lots of you have gone above and beyond what has been asked of you and this has made me a very proud teacher. laugh

On another note, I have a table to show you. This is what's called a heatmap. It is from Times Tables Rockstars and it shows me how you are all doing. Look at the colour coding at the bottom. The closer you are to green, the faster you are answering the questions. The closer you are to red, the longer it takes you to answer. Looking at our class heatmap, it appears that we are taking a while to answer 6x11! There are less than half the class accessing TTRS this week, which is a little disappointing. Try to get on it every day. You will earn more rewards, pick up speed and be ever closer to moving up a level! With us being Year 6, we should be the fastest class and should be dominating the overall leaderboard, but we're not. Come on, Year 6! Let's smash it. 

Now I am going to leave you to your challenge and I look forward to seeing the finished results. Last one, guys, then you can have a break for two days wink


Speak to you on Monday!

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