Fantastic Friction

Date: 13th Jun 2018 @ 2:27pm

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This week, we have been working on our topic 'Healing'. We have been researching professions of care (doctors, carers, hospice workers, nurses, etc). We have a new found appreciation for those in caring professions and believe they are doing a very important job.


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In our science lesson this week, we have continued to learn about forces. We looked at water resistance and how it affects the movement of objects when moving through water. We took part in a virtual experiment, where we observed the effects of different shapes being dropped into water. We learned that objects which are streamlined sink quicker than objects that are not streamlined. This is because streamlining reduces the amount of air/ water resistance acting on an object.

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Then, we moved on to look at friction. We were given the role of secret agents. We had to measure the amount of friction of different surfaces. In order to do this, we needed a shoe (preferably a nice-smelling one!) We used Newton metres to drag the shoe across different surfaces and we recorded the amount of friction. To gain an accurate set of results, we repeated these readings 3 times and calculated the mean. We presented our findings in a table and bar chart before explaining our results in written form.



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